dhtmlxGrid setColumnsVisibility


when I use:


the first 2 columns are hidden but the column header titles stay visible on the first column over the title “Nom”.
This grid is attached to a Layout. I tried with a Window and I get the same result.

What can produce this problem?



The problem can’t be reconstructed locally.
Please try the next
a) move setColumnsVisibility after grid init ( must not have difference for latest code, but may be importent for older versions )
b) it not clear from provided snippet , how is column’s size defined , be sure that you are using setInitWidths commands , with some values for all columns ( including hidden ones )

If issue still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample where it can be reconstructed ( you can send it directly to support@dhtmlx.com )

same problem in Firefox. in IE (6,7) works fine

Which version of dhtmlxgrid you are using?
If issue occurs for latest version of dhtmlxgrid - please procide any kind of sample wher problem can be reconstructed ( you can send such info directly to support@dhtmlx.com )