dhtmlxgrid setExternalTabOrder


The dhtmlxgrid version that i have does not have the grid.setExternalTabOrder(start,end) function. Are there any alternatives for this function ?

I want the grid cells to be included in the tab order of the html page.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately there is no alternatives for this function. But you can use “onTab” event to implement custom tab order.
grid.attachEvent(“onTab”, function(mode){
//any custom logic here

Code can select any other cell in grid and return false to prevent default logic.


I have upgraded to the version that supports setExternalTabOrder(start,end). It works fine as long the dhtmlxgrid is present on the page, ie, i dynamically load or remove the grid object on a certain javascript event. After i remove the gridobject, though it reverts  back to the original tabbing sequence, a javascript error ‘Object Required’ is thrown. Why does the error occur? and how do i prevent it?

Thanks in Advance.