dhtmlxGrid: Smart Rendering and Serialization problem.

When I have smart rendering turned on, if my rowset ends up being less than the size of the view port, serialization doesn’t return any rows.  It appears that when only a few rows are in a smartRendering enabled grid, this.rowsBuffer[0] is never loaded, which then causes leni to be 0 in this line of code of the _serialise function:

    var leni=(this._dload)?this.rowsBuffer[0].length:rCol.length;

Is there a work around for this? I’d rather not have to turn off smart rendering when a small data set is returned.


Problem confirmed and fixed. Fix will be available as part of oncoming build
if you need it ASA - please contact directly at dhtmxl@scand.com - I will send you some kind of update.