dhtmlxgrid + smart rendering + enable auto height

When I use smart rendering without enableAutoHeigth, it works great, but when I use enableAutoHeigth(true), then smart rendering renders the whole grid and not just the visible portion. I’m testing this on FireFox 3 on windows.

Usage of both modes in same time has no sense.
Smart rendering force rendering of visible part of grid only, auto - height mode tries to made all rows visible, those are mutual exclusive behaviors.

I have a page which has content at the top (variable length) and then a grid.  I don’t want to have scrollbars in the grid as well since the browser itself will have a scrollbar as well.  To avoid having scroll bars in the grid, I use the auto height feature which expands the grid to the full length of the content (which is great).  Now the issue comes up that I have over 5000 items to display in the grid.  I have 1 XML that returns all this content, so I only want the grid to display the content based on the visible part of the browser.  So I need both smart rendering and auto height since I want to avoid scroll bars within the grid and at the same time not have the grid try to show everything at once that’s beyond the visible part of the screen.  Is there an alternative?

The smart rendering can’t detect which part of grid is really visible , it detects only which part of grid is not hidden by grid container borders.
When auto-height mode used, grid will increase grid height so all rows will become visible in grid’s container, and smart rendering logic will render all 5000 items, because they are visible by grid’s logic.
As resutl you will not gain any performance benefits , because all rows will be rendered at once, same as in default grid mode.