dhtmlXgrid : Smart Rendering total_count parameter ... and s


I had a problem before with smart rendering (i don’t know the total_count parameter : issue is here dhtmlx.com/docs/products/kb/inde … mal&q=4911).

My solution was to count how many rows i will have on the next update, and then increment the table :


    function updateTotalCount(){

        var current_count=mygrid.rowsBuffer.length;

        var params=createParamList()+"&posStart="+current_count;

        try {

            var url=“ajax/getNextCount.php?”+params;

            var loader = new net.ContentLoader(url,parseUpdateTotalCountXml,null,“POST”);

            var loader = null ;

        } catch(e) {}


    function parseUpdateTotalCountXml() {

        try {

            var xmlDoc=this.req.responseXML;

            var nextCount=xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName(‘nextCount’).item(0).childNodes[0].nodeValue;

            if (nextCount >= mygrid.rowsBuffer.length) {




        } catch(e) {}


But now, I need to serialize this grid to CSV. I believe that serialization is working up to my new limit because if i comment “mygrid.rowsBuffer[nextCount]=null;” this is working fine.

If i don’t , i get a “r.childNodes is undefined” error in dhtmlxgrid_nxml.js .

Can you please help me?

Thanks ,


The serialization functionality ( both to XML and to CSV ) can work only with data loaded to client side.
In your case - part of data loaded to client side, part is still awaited from server ( because of custom modificaitons ) - as result grid process already loaded rows correctly but fails to serialize not loaded data ( which is logical - such data just not available on client side )

Technically , this is expected behavior, grid can’t serialize not loaded data ( serialization fails the same in case of normal dyn. smart rendering or dyn. paging, where not all data loaded on client )
By some code modification , it possible to force serialization of only loaded rows and ignore not loaded ones - please inform if you need details.

Ok, i will try to resize the grid to the real size before to serialize.
I agree that this is logical, but with no modifications, I can’t serialize with wmart rendering when all datas aren’t loaded.
I think that it should be logical (also) to serialize only displayed datas.

Thanks anyway, i’ll contact you another time if i don’t manage to hack my size :wink: