dhtmlxGrid + smartRendering + Configuration via XML


I recently tried to mix at the same time dhtmlxGrid + smartRendering + Configuration via XML. But it seems that smartRendering is not compatible with XML Configuration.

The first request to the server works well.
When starting to scroll down, the dhtmlxGrid is asking for the following dataset. That’s working fine.
But :

[]if in the second XML dataset also contains a part with definition then the data grid is reseted : the previously loaded data disapear and only the new one are showed, at the new postion.[/]
[]if in the second XML dataset only contains part everything works well[/]

This was checked againt Firefox 3.6.8 and IE7.

Is this normal ?

Grid works as expected. Second XML dataset also shold not contain a part with definition.

i am creating a dynamic header and the header contains rowspan and column span like underneath, can any body tell me how to do that in xml configuration on server side.

    <th />value2</th> 
    <th >value2</th> 
value1 value3
value1 value2

You may try to use the following code:


Value 1 #cspan Value 3 Value 1,Value 2, Value 3 #rspan,Value 2, Value 3 ...[/code]