Dhtmlxgrid stat_total is not working correctly

I have a grid that has several filters as well as 3 stat_total and one stat_sum columns.
the data in the total columns are 0’s and 1’s

If i filter on two or more select filters, the grid is updated and the stats are updated but they are wrong. for instance, one stat will show the value of 30, and if I count the columns there will be 28 visible columns. There are no JS errors being reported, and I have verified the data is accurate.

I am not sure how to even go about fixing this.

Edit: here is a snippet: DHTMLX Snippets
Filter by the first yellow column, by ‘Booked’ the last yellow column is a total stat, it should be the total or sum of all the “1”'s but its off by 1 in this case. Count the rows after you filter

What support options are available.

Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce your issue locally.
The following snippet seems to work well for me locally:
If the problem still occurs for you please, provide a complete demo or a demo link, where the problem can be reconstructed.



filter the first yellow column by “Booked” then count the rows. its 29 not 30

Please, try to avoid duplicating IDs in your dataset. Each row should have a unique ID.