DHTMLXGrid throws Load XML error when request length is more

Hi ,

We have a possible scenario where we need to pass large number of characters in URL through request. When we do this we are getting a Load XML error.
So in order to avert this we are sending the request through POST.Below is the code that that we have used,
mygrid.post(gridQString, ‘POST’, function(){}

We included the dhtmlxgrid_post.js file too.

Here “gridQString” contains the content of the URL (pagename,parameters etc…).Even after trying this we are able to increase only few more characters in request(max of 7700 characters). Once the character length increases we experience the same Load XML error.

Do we need to make any other changes to support large number of characters through POST request?

Note : We are using DHTMLXgrid 2.5 pro.

You need to place the post parameters as second parameter of the command.

mygrid.post("some.php", 'a=1&b=2&....', function(){

In such case, the size of post data will be limited only by server side settings.