dhtmlxgrid title - character set problems

Hal all,

I have the following problem using this code generating a special title text for cell titles:

$title = htmlentities( $data[$i][‘Kundennr’]."\r\n".$data[$i][‘Debname’] )."\r\n";

if ( !empty( $data[$i][‘Debname2’] )) {

$title .= htmlentities( $data[$i][‘Debname2’] )."\r\n";


$title .= htmlentities( $data[$i][‘DebPLZ’]." ".$data[$i][‘DebOrt’] );

So far so good, it works fine, but the text in the title contains not the correct German characters but the masked characters.

Is there a special solution for that?

Best regards


The component provides the same value for tooltip as was provided, the way how it rendered fully depends on implementation in browser, there is no way to control such behavior.
While the text of title doesn’t breaks xml rules it can contain any characters allowed by current encoding - including German characters