dhtmlxgrid tree - How can I remove the leaf icon

How can I have my grid tree not show the leaf icons? I don’t want any icons at all. I enabled the tree grid lines thinking that may replace the leaf icons with the lines but that did not happen.


You can call the following method before item adding:


I am having the same problem and the solution provided by Alex is basically just a hack!

The image is still in the source but “invisible” because it’s only 1px wide and high.

I really wish treegrid would spill out nicer HTML that can be styled more easily :frowning:

Unfortunately there is no simple way to change structure of html, which generated for tree-item in a treegrid. Only possible solution - redefine
which described rendering rules of tree-item, but it is not a simple task

yeah, looks a bit like treegrid was delevoped by a person who does not know much about HTML/CSS. the fact that treegrid adds e.g. little “spacer” .gif’s to indent the tree is just awkward, this could easily be done in a much nicer way with CSS.

i already hacked around in eXcell_tree.prototype.setValue a bit and i think i will rewrite this function completely as what it outputs just gives me the creeps :wink: