Dhtmlxgrid updateFromXML function does not appear to update


I’m trying to dynamically load/update a dhtmlxgrid from a URL which is sent in “blocks” (e.g. rows 1-4, then rows 5-6 etc). The code originally used the load(url) function but this returned random results in that it did not display all of the data. I changed the code to use updateFromXML and this displays all of the rows correctly. However the data from teh server contains (global) userdata whcih the load(url) function did successfully return, but updateFromXML NEVER laods the userdata into the grid (using debug I can see the userdata is in the AJAX response from the server)

I’m using dhtmlxSuite 2008 Rel.3 (DHTMLX 2.0) Professional edition build 81009/81107

Thanks for any advice.


updateFromXML updates only rows data (changes, adds or deletes rows). The global userdata isn’t parsed in this case (only userdata of a row will be changed/set).