dhtmlxGrid use of enablePaging and splitAt


We are using     dhtmlxGrid v1.4 Pro and have to handle large grids.

When we use paging, it works fine when there are no frozen zones, but when we use splitAt(2) the 1st page is shown correctly, but all subsequent pages are missing information in the frozen zone (only the 1st row is loaded correctly,in all other rows of the page the first 2 columns are left blank , column 3 and following columns are OK ).

My code looks like:





Any idea what is wrong?


The described situation is similar to the case when grid structure was reinitialized ( the grid in split mode can’t be reinitialized ) by using grid.clearAll(true) or loading XML with configuration section ( it kind of possible if you are using paging with dynamical loading , but according to your code snippet you not using such mode )
One more issue which may cause similar effect - non unique IDs - please be sure that each row has unique ID.

The latest version of grid 1.4 contains of fix , which resolves problem with styles not applied to rows in case of usage split and paging - please contact us directly at support@dhtmlx.com and provide your ref. number - we will send you updated files.

If problem still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample where it can be reconstructed.