dhtmlxGrid v.1.4 build 70813 Professional Edition

We are having the problem running the application developed using this build on Firefox 3 (3.5.2). We are building the Grid using the XML as follows:


Receipt Date

Expense Type

Start Od.

End Od.

Customer Name

Weekend Date’ +

Amount’ +

Status’ +


When we run the application on IE (7 & 8) or Firefox Version 2 .0 .n (, Column 1 (ID) having 0 width is hidden and not visible on the web page, but when we run the same on the Firefox Version 3.0.n (3.5.2), this column is always visible, we don’t want to show this column (treat it as hidden, as required the value for saving the record) to the user. If there is any way to get it fixed, will really be appreciated, as customer has to upgrade the browser on all client machines for some other softwares, which requires latest version of Firefox.



This issue was fixed at the latest version of dhtmlxGrid (2.5). Please contact sales@dhtmlx.com to update your files.

AT this time  it’s not possible to update the complete application with the latest version, due to complexity of the application. And if we will change the version of the dhtmlxGrid, we have to QA the complete application again in all browsers. We know, it’s working in IE and Firefox 2, and only Firefox 3 has the issues. Is it somehow possible to get it resolved using the same?

Can you please provide complete example where we can reproduce this issue including files from the 1.4 version? (You can send such example directly to the support@dhtmlx.com)

Thanks for the quick response, I already sent the same with example (screen shots) to support@dhtmlx.com today morning. If you need anything else, let me know.