dhtmlxgrid v1.4 enablePaging and splitAt


(I has already asked this yesterday but with a wrong e-mail, therefore I repeat the question:

I am using dhtmlxgrid v1.4 Pro and have problems when I use enablePaging and splitAt together. Both are working fine when used separately.

My code is like :





The result are, for example, 5 pages of which the first page is displayed correctly.

For page 2 to 5:

The frozen columns (1 and 2) are not shown correctly, only the 1st row has values in it but they are wrong. All other rows in the frozen columns are blank.

The other columns (column 3 and up) are valid and shown correctly in all rows of the page

Any idea what is wrong?

Johan Willekens

Please contact us directly at support@dhtlmx.com and provide your ref. number - we will send latest versions of dhtmlxgrid 1.4 files - most probably they resolve issue.

Also , the similar problem can be cause by two next effects
a) non unique ID
b) page structure reloading - it may occurs if you are calling grid.clearAll(true) or loading XML which containd head section with grid configuration ( the structure of grid in split mode can’t be changed after initial loading )