DHTMLXGrid v1.6 Professional Edition

I am currently evaluating your product using the Standard Edition. However, it doesn’t include the frozen column and moving column. The company that I am working with ( the biggest pharmacy in US) is choosing between EXT-JS and DHTMLX. I recommended your product because of your extensive documentation and the richness of the functionality you have on your grid. I need to show to them the frozen column and the moving column as these are the primary requirements for the grid the business users are clamoring for.

My question is. Do you have DHTMLXGrid v1.6 Professional Edition for evaluation only?

Yes, we can send you the evaluation version of dhtmlxGrid PRO for 30-days trial period. Please send your request from your corporate email address to support@dhtmlx.com and provide some details about your company (the website address where we can find some info about it will be enough).

I just want to let you know that the company already bought the whole suite. Thanks