dhtmlxGrid with dhtmlxCombo not listing all the options


I am using dhtmlxGrid with dhtmlxCombo as one of the column type. I am loading dhtmlxGrid data, column headings  and column types from XML configuration.

When dhtmlx is lodded, I want to see the dhtmlxCombo with all the options availalbe so that I can select one of them. But when I double click the grid cell that has combo,  it shows only one value.


Any idea of what I may have missing?

Below is my xml configuration that I load for my dhtmlxGrid

  Wire Code
  Org. Name
      IN USE
   <column width=“20” format="%m/%d/%Y" type=“dhxCalendar” align=“left” sort=“str”  >Effective Date

  Manchester, NH


When I configure my XML as below to load the options values for dhtmlxCombo, then it works fine.  I dont what to configure my XML as below since it requires to XMLS one for grid and another for dhtmlxCombo values.




Please help.





xmlcontent attribute should be added if options are defined in the grid xml:

Please see the dhtmlxGrid/samples/13_interaction_other_components/01_pro_combo.html sample in grid package