Dhtmlxgrid with Grouping

hello team

i have a question regarding grouping and ungrouping the records in dhtmlxgrid. i am using the sample code below

SalesBook titleAuthorPrice In StoreShipping

expand / colapse all groups

where are the functions mygrid.Mg() and mygrid.KU() located. when i use them, firefox reports error saying the KU and Mg functions are invalid. i am using the below js files













Please advice

mygrid.Mg() and mygrid.KU() located
Please use the js files from the packages, not the compressed versions from online samples. ( they have correct real names of methods , not the compressed abbreviations )

please let me know which js file

All files that you mentioned (dhtmlxGrid/codebase/dhtmlxgrid.js and others), but from the official PRO package.