dhtmlXGrid xml updating


I LOVE dhtmlxGrid but there’s one big problem i need solving.

I’m not much into php and i really need an Open file (xml) button and a Save button for my dhtmlxGrid.

So I need your help, give me an example for the simplest grid ever… 2 columns and 2 rows.

I know how to put grid into a dhtmlxWindow, and know a lot of js and html to make an open button and load via js an xml file into the grid. But how do i make the browse? i don’t need a full browse i just need a single folder to open from my server where i would have all the .xml’s. Same goes for a Save button i don’t wanna choose a name or browse a folder… i just want to update the opened xml.

Please HELP!Thank you in advance

But how do i make the browser
Unfortunately Dhtmlx components haven’t such inbuild functionalities. You can try to use to open necessary file.

Yes i know how to upload files the php way. I would like to know if there’s an ajax method of upload similar to dhtmlxVault without the page refresh, i understand that’s done with iframes .