question regarding dhtmlx grid:

1) what css style should i override to change the row highlighting style? I want do not wish to do a background color change of the row but instead change the border color of the row and even add some sort of glow effect…how can i do this?

2) is it possible to put complex html dom into dhtmlx grid cells? For example, inside a cell in a grid, can i put say another custom table layout?

thanks a lot for your great library,


  1. You can change style of the selected row using following css:
    div.gridbox table.obj tr.rowselected td {} - elements in a selected row
    div.gridbox table.obj tr.rowselected td.cellselected, div.gridbox table.obj td.cellselected {} - element in a selected cell
    Please find more information about custom skins creation here dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxG … #grid_cexc