how to load data into subgrid .Actually I want to load data into subgrid when expanding parent grid cell (click occur on + symbol).

If you not want to load data in predifened way ( from url stored as cell value ) you can use onSubGridCreated event

// any code to load data in subgrid here
return false; //block default logic


The onSubGridCreated event occurs when first time data is to be loaded.
Once data is loaded this event doesn’t occur. At that time data is cached and shown.
I am having dynamic data which changes every second.
I need to call a javascript function once the grid is expanded.
This is not happening. The function is called only once.

Please tell me which event I should use to call the function every time.


This is expected behavior. Sub grid doesn’t reload each time when you open\close node. If such requirement is critical in your case please open ticket at support.dhtmlx.com/