I am populating grid data from jsp. If i update or delete some row in the grid i want to update in the database also.

I came to know that can be done through dataProcessor. but i am not able to do that.

can anyone give some example of updating data on the server side(JSP). and also can anyone tell me how to load the grid data using htmltable instead of XML.

thanks in advance


Which edition do you have ?

In case of the professional one, you can use DataProcessor (it is a javascript extension). We have a ready DataProcessor sample for JSP. If you need this sample, please, contact us at the support@dhtmlx.com and provide your ref.number.

In case of using standard edition, you can use grid event handler in order to get changed data. And then these data can be send to the server by any known approach. The list of the grid events can be found in the documentation dhtmlxGrid/doc/events.html

HTML Table initialization sample is avalable here: dhtmlx.com/docs/products/docsExplorer/