i am facing a very badly problem using DHTMLXgrid component.
the application is working properly (although performance is a bit slow) in FF and IE9 browsers when the Row volume is less then 65k.
occurring error when the Row volume is more than 65k.
Error detail: After scrolling 100 rows, the application slow down in FF browser. but in IE8 it stuck.

Test Application: i have developed another demo application with 70k data row. and found same problem. using row volume less then 65k then it is working properly but more than 65k number of rows it is cause same error.

is there anybody can help me to find out- “Whether it is my application’s error or it is the Bug of DHTMLXgrid or just browser issue?”

To increase loading performance of Grid you can use SmartRendering mode. In such case only those rows are rendered which should be displayed to the user. Please find tutorial here docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … ep_by_step

Thanks! Olga.
i am following the referred documentation and will let you know if the problem is solved.

according to the proposed solution i have used the following code. but still the same problem remaining.
suggested code:

You hav 3 columns in grid:
But you have defined withd for 4 columns:

Try to change this line for:
is there any other option that i could try shortly.

Try to update your files to the latest Grid version.

thanks, we are trying this and i will update you soon.