hi.iam new to dhtmlxgrid.i would like to connect to mysql database using server side jsp through dhtmlx connector.i want to perform some CRUD operations on database tables through jsp.But i didnt get it.And i dont know that how to convert .php files to .jsp.I downloaded dhtmlx java connector.there are some java files but how can i use them inorder to connect to database.if possible kindly send me server side jsp code for default dhtmlxgrid package.
thanking you.

If you grab full java package - there is a sample app inside with samples for all components.

dhtmlx.com/x/download/regula … r_java.zip

thank you.By using BaseConnector servlet i established connection with database.it has given an xml output.now how can i use this in my html or jsp file.say for loading i used
myGrid.loadXML(“BasicConnector.java”);.But iam unable to populate the grid.how can i proceed.could you send me an example program.Actually in website .php files are taken.so i got some confusion.Should we use another java files also regarding this issue.
thanking you.

In js code you need to use


and in web-xml you need to map somepath to BasicConnector.java