hello everyone i am new to dhtmlxSuite . i have a problem using dhtmlxgrid and dhtmlxlayout.
i am using ‘6I’ layout pattern ,in that to the cell ‘f’ i have attached a grid and everything is working fine …what i am trying to do is that when i click on a row of the grid ,the grid should display another grid in the same cell ie in cell ‘f’ .
for eg. the cell ‘f’ would display some students info where if we click or doubleclick it should another grid containing more info about the student in the same cell…

see manju pls dont be so excited in reading dhtmlx

You may try to clear and load your grid on the select of the row.
Something like:

mygrid.attachEvent("onRowSelect", function(id,ind){ mygrid.clearAndLoad(url); });

thanks it worked …