I am working with the tree and the grid objects. You select checkboxes in the tree, and then the grid updates its content by these given filters.
It works fine, with “oGrid.updateFromXML(‘xmlapplication.php’, false, true, afterCall());” and it calls the afterCall function well.
The only problem(s) i have, that i want to handle ERRORs, and i also want to handle the LOADING state, as well as to be able to CANCEL the started AJAX request, if it lasts too long.

I couldn’t’ find, how to handle these situations. In the tabbar, a ‘loader.gif’ is displayed, while it loads the xml, but i need the opportunity, to cancel the transaction, not only to display the loading period.
Please help me ASAP :slight_smile:

The updateFromXML command fires default onXLS and onXLE event of xml loading start and end, so you can handle loading.
There is no api to drop current XML operation
    basically you can access latest active xmlHTTPrequest object as
    and disable it reaction as

loading error can be catched by

function myErrorHandler(type, desc, erData){
    //custom code can be placed here
    return false;
dhtmlxError.catchError(“LoadXML”, myErrorHandler);