Im working on a j2ee web application which i would like to incorporate dhtmlxgrid. (Its looks really nice~)

But i just cant get the flow going.(JSP with the table thats going to show all the rows in the mysql DB, when editing is done, the cells will be updated to the Mysql DB) I’m currently using NetBeans , MySql, Jsp->Servlet->Bean structure.

I saw a few samples even on the net but its not helping very much. Is there a sample which i could reference?

If you plan to use PRO version of dhtmlxgrid - please contact sales@dhtmlx.com and request evaluation version - it includes samples of loading and saving to DB for JSP ( please mention that you need JSP related samples in your email )

Unfortunately there is no such samples for standard edition ( because data saving based on dataProcessor lib, which included in pro edition only )