Dear sir/mam,

I have three question to ask.

1. in my grid if there is a cell that is readonly , I want to attach a event so that while clicking on that ‘ro’ cell a event is generated that provide me rowId, columnId and its value.

2. Also want to get the single row using gridObj.serialize() command if i clicked on readonly cell. To achieve this what configuration need to accomplish.

3. Third on stage 0 of OnCellEdit command I want to change the color of the edited cell. for this what i need to do

  1. You can use onRowSelect event in grid, it will fire for any click inside grid
    2) serialize functionality can be used against all grid only , if necessary, you can get existing row values through grid.cells(id,ind).getValue() instead of serialization
    if (stage == 0) mygrid.setCellTextStyle(id,ind,“background-color:red” );
    return true;