dhtmlXGridFromTable Filter

Hello everyone,

I am using the dhtmlXGridFromTable to laod my data from database into the table and trid to add filter in the header using the follwing codes but it just shows the text field and the filter is not working.

myGrid.setHeader(‘Org Type,Org Name,Acronym,Link’);


function filterBy()


            var tVal = document.getElementById(‘title_flt’).childNodes[0].value.toLowerCase();


            for(var i=0; i< myGrid.getRowsNum();i++)


                var tStr = myGrid.cells2(i,1).getValue().toString().toLowerCase();

                var aStr = myGrid.cells2(i,2).getValue().toString().toLowerCase();

                if( tVal==’’ || tStr.indexOf(tVal)==0)






would be grateful If someone can explain maybe by giving a full detail example.



Most probably you havenot included next js file


It is neccessary to activate filters in header, if necessary file included you need just at #text_filter marker in header, and need not any custom filterBy function.
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxG … 0258523000