dhtmlXGridObject.cells().getValue() acting differently betwe

I have a string like “ABC’DE” and I use global replace function to make the string becomes “ABC’DE”. Then I pass this converted string to dhtmlXGridObject.cells(…).setValue(). But when I call dhtmlXGridObject.cells(…).getValue(), I’m getting “ABC’DE” in IE and “ABC’DE” in FF. How do I handle this to make my code works for both IE and FF?


You can use pure text column types ( edtxt,rotxt,txttxt ) which works the same as normal one (ed,ro,txt ) , but doesn’t use html formatting.

This doesn’t solve my problem.  To address my problem, I only extracted a little part as an example.  I’m not just simply getValue() from a predefined grid object.  Based on each row’s condition, I need to set different type for the cells on the same column - for this case, I need to set some image link to the cell, where the problem comes from.

So from what you’re saying, they do acting differently - am I getting it right?  Do you have a better solution for my case?  Thanks.

they do acting differently
By default grid store data as html string , and IE process it differently than FF ( the difference mostly in special characters handling, IE convert them to entities automatically )

>>Do you have a better solution for my case?
If you will use any of text types as default one ( “rotxt” for example ) data will be unchanged till the moment when you need to change column type to different one. j