dhtmlxGridObject not found

I want to use dhtmlxGrid for my webpage but it doesn’t work. I am using Unix/Apache/perl to set it up. Here are the symptoms:

A) I made a html file in my htdocs folder. Inside this same htdocs folder, I uploaded 4 core files dhtmlxcommon.js, dhtmlxgrid.css, dhtmlxgrid.js, dhmlxgridcell.js and a xml file from the sample base. The result is good. Code:


<script type - “text/javascript” src=“dhtmlxgridcell.js”>

B) Now, I copied all those 5 files to my cgi-bin and wrote a cgi that looks like


print <<END_OF_HTML;

Content-type: text/html

Copied the working html file exactly from htdocs here


I am 100% sure that my sourcing is correct and my coding syntax is correct and I haven’t made mistakes copying files. However, when I go to the link, the chart doesn’t appear and I get the message dhtmlxGridObject not found, point to a problem in dhtmlxgrid.js. What is causing this random issue?

I get the message dhtmlxGridObject not found
I’m not pretty sure, but it seems that you are using relative path to js files, and while it correct for htdocs folder, when you are using script in cgi-bin - the relative path shows to different location.
Please be sure that in result html documents, links to js files point to correct location.