dhtmlxGrid's context menu can't show when has no data

when dhtmlxGrid’s has no data row, right click on the dhtmlxGrid’s will not show the context menu,
when dhtmlxGrid’s has only one data row, right click on the dhtmlxGrid’s empty region(not on the data row), the context menu will not show.


Unfortunately this is the expected behavior.

You may try to add the grid container as a context zone:
Also you may try to use the onEmptyClick event to control the clicking in empty zone of your grid and call the context menu in this case.
docs.dhtmlx.com/api__dhtmlxgrid … event.html

myMenu.addContextZone(myGrid.entBox.id) works if the dhtmlxGrid didn’t split,
but if dhtmlxGrid is split, the myMenu.addContextZone(myGrid.entBox.id) only work in right part grid, in the left part grid doesn’t work.

Please, try to use the similar solution for the:
together with

i see, thank!