dhtmlxlayoout and dhtmlxeditor


I was wondering if yiou could advise how to use the editor with layout. I have attached an editor to a layout cell but I wnat to be able to access any updated text and also associate it with some other dropdowns and a submit button which, ideally, I’d like in the same cell but if not then another cell would be fine. I was looking to see if this could be achieved using toolbar but I couldn’t see anything. What would you advise?

thank you.


there is attachEditor method. In this case editor occupies the whole cell.

But you can place additional layout into the necessary cell and dhtmlxLayout/samples/01_init/04_layout.html ( dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxL … ayout.html ). In this layout one of cells can be with editor and the other - with inputs and buttons.

Another approach is to place html page with editor and other content into the cell: layout.cells(id).attachURL(“some.html”)