dhtmlxLayout 100% height and width when container is a resiz

I need my layout control to resize both horizontally and vertically when the browser window gets resized.  It seems dhtmlxlayout has this functionality only when in full screen mode, but I need it so it resizes when created within a table cell object.  It appears the code fixes the height and width of the layout if it is created with in an object:   if (typeof (base) == “object”)  … I need the height and width to be 100% when the base is an object (since my object can resize as well).  Is it possible to do this with having to go into full-screen mode?



Unfortunately, layout doesn’t support the described feature at present. Autoresize functionality is available only for fullscreen mode.

Possibly the next layout version will provide this functionality.

The current version of dhtmlxLayout supports resizing?

Layout provides setSizes() method. That adjusts layout sizes to sizes of its container. So, the following approach will work:

var timer; window.onresize = function(){ window.clearTimeout(timer); timer = window.setTimeout(function(){ dhxLayout.setSizes(); }, 100); }

thanks for help.