dhtmlxLayout and dhtmlxWindows - how to confirm d-n-d?

Whats the best way of allowing confirmation of d-n-d?

Elsewhere I’ve used a popUp window with html content ie button with onclick calls to functions.

But I cannot use this in my drag handler tondrag() as it requires a return false/true i.e. my my drag handler popUp window with html can call cancel or ok functions but not return true/false.

What drag-n-drop do you mean (what component is dragged) ?

Sorry cut’n’paste is not always a friend I missed off  dhtmlxTree.

I have a drag and drop handlers and want to allow confirmation of moving a tree node.
I first thought I could have a popup window in the drag handler but the handler
requires a return of true/false whereas with the popup windows I have used I have
html in the window and onclick events to call functions ie no return value.


you can try to use confirm window to organize such a dialog. For example:

var sourceText = this.getItemText(sid);
var targetText = this.getItemText(tid);
return confirm(“Do you want to drop item “+sourceText+” to “+targetText+” ?”);


No I dont want an ugly popup I want to use dhtmlxWindows

The solution for using dhtmlxWindow:

<div id=“content”>
Do you confirm drag-and-drop operation ?

allowed = false;
var sourceId,targetId;

dhxWins = new dhtmlXWindows();
w1 = dhxWins.createWindow(“w1”, 20, 30, 400, 350);
w1.button(“close”).close = function() {

tree=new dhtmlXTreeObject(…);

sourceId = sid
targetId = tid
return false
return true
function confirmDD(){
allowed = true;
function denyDD(){