DhtmlxLayout and scroll event

We’re still using Dhtmlx v4.5. We use our application in Dhtmlxlayout; one of the cells of the layout has a scrollbar. This works perfectly to scroll the standard HTML content in that cell. But now I need to bind the scroll event of that cell to a function. I have tried a lot such as standard JS event binding but no matter what I do the scroll event is never triggered. What should I do?

Dhtmlxlayout declaration:
dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.body, “3J”, dhtmlxskin);

mccontent is a div with overflow:auto.

Function I want triggered when the contents of cell b is scrolled:

	$(window).scroll(function() {

Solved it myself by finding out which div had the scrollbar with the style “overflow:scroll”, and listening to its scroll event.