dhtmlxLayout.attachTabbar without arrow

Hi dears:

I am using dhtmlxlayout as following
fbmiddletabbar = fbLayout.cells("b").attachTabbar();

after do that ,there is no collapse/expand arrow ,and I can not collapse or expand the cells b of the dhtmlxlayout ,when I want to add doubleclick event to the dhtmlxlayout header,there is also not any response; how can I collapse/expand the cells b after attachTabbar?

thanks a lot


after Tabbar is attached, cell header is automatically hidden. You can show it if it is needed:

fbmiddletabbar = fbLayout.cells(“b”).attachTabbar();

If you do not want to show the header above tabs, you can try to add on double click event handler for tabbar header that will show header and collapse cell (there is not a public method, you’ll have to use private property):

fbmiddletabbar ._rows[0].ondblclick = function(){ fbLayout.cells("b").showHeader(); fbLayout.cells("b").collapse(); }

onExpand event handler can be used to hide header after expand:

fbLayout.attachEvent("onExpand",function(cells){ for(var i=0; i< cells.length; i++){ if(cells[i] == "b") fbLayout.cells("b").hideHeader(); } });

thanks a lot for you reply,according your suggestion ,I have resolved the problem,and more ,I add the following

fbLayout.attachEvent("onDblClick", function (itemId){ if(itemId=='b'){ fbLayout.cells("b").hideHeader(); fbLayout.cells("b").expand(); } });

then when the cells of b is collapse,it can alos expand with double click its’ header