dhtmlxlayout - collapsed


currently when a dhtmlxlayout cell is collapsed, the collapsed cell is not very meaningful/informative. What i mean is that when a cell is expanded, it has a header that provides information. But when the cell is collapsed, that header information disappears and hence the user has no way of knowing what information will appear when he expands a cell…

how can we modifiy the collapsed cell header to be more meaningful? shouldn’t the header text always display itself whether collapsed or not?




the described behaviour can be achieved by following modicfications:

1) try to locate following lines in the dhtmlxlayout.js and comment them
/if (dir == “hor”) {
obj.childNodes[0].className = “dhtmlxPolyInfoBarCollapsedVer”;
} else {
obj.childNodes[0].className = “dhtmlxPolyInfoBarCollapsedHor”;

2) also you should set new height of the collapsed header:

var dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(…);

dhxLayout._collapsedW = 34;
dhxLayout._collapsedH = 34;