dhtmlxLayout Control Stops dhtmlxMenu from working in Mozill

When I add a dhtmlxLayout control to the screen, it make my dhtmlxMenu control stop working. I am using the new version of the menu control with setOpenMode(“web”).

Once the screen loads, the menu seems to become disabled in Mozilla. I can no longer click on the menu. This works fine in Internet Explorer.


Could you please write some code or provide full demo to view issue?

<link type=“text/css” rel=“stylesheet”  href="…/…/DHTMLXSuite/dhtmlx.css">






In your sample menu covered with windows’ viewport in case of incorrect usage,
try modify code like this: <div id=“divLayout” style=“width: 1000px;height: 500px;position: relative;”>

Yes. That fixed the problem.  Not sure I totally understand why… but it worked.  I guess I’ll have to read about viewports.