dhtmlxLayout creating custom skin


I am trying to create new skin for dhtmlxLayout. the layout contained in the dhtmlx package does not contain the specific background color / border colors I need, so I decided to copy over the exisiting file (dhx_black css file from layout css folder) and changed the background colors / border colors to what I need and apply to the page using

var obj = document.getElementById(“dhxLayout_base”);

dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(obj, “2U”, “dhx_black”);

this works fine as the new css file is getting apply to the page I am working on, however there’s a problem.

this css only applies to “dhx_black” specified in the initialization, and if on other pages I want to use the original dhx_black skin, I can’t do that having the new css file created. (2 pages should use different css but I can’t do that because i call for dhx_black in both case.) is there a way to create custom skin for dhtmlXLayout so that when I use the code

dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(obj, “2U”, “custom_skin”);

the “custom_skin” part gets applied. (I am not using dhtmlxwindows so I probably don’t have to change the css in windows right?)

PS: I also tried changing the dhx_black css file by replacing every word “black” with “custom_skin” but when I initialize the page, it says “header_height” is null or not an object error

Thanks in advance


Layout depends on windows so you should fix a windows too. Please provide us a screenshot of your skin, will make a wire mock-up for you.