dhtmlxLayout Doctype rendering issue (FF3.0,IE6)

I’ve just noticed that depending doctype declaration is present or not in a html page including a dhtmlxComponent. rendering is not consistant.

Indeed, borders disappears on some boxes, or somes sizes are sligthly miscalculated (Screenshot avalaibles).

Even It’s not a big deal, It worries me a bit about the fact that dhtmlxLayout seems to be correctly interpreted in quik mode (no doctype).

Correct behavior should be the other way, isnt it ?

Right, some minor troubles are present. Will fixed in future release.

Hey guys,

I’ve just bumped into a major rendering issue for dhtmlxLayout Global Items.
dhtmlxMenu and status bar attached as global item in a dthmlxLayout have, in IE6,  major renderings issues when a doctype is active :

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"

I’ve provided screenshot with and without doctype to spot problems.
As I need to use a doctype, I’ve tried several others things to correct this bad behaviour with no success.
Any ideas about how fixing it  ?

DOCTYPE_DhtmlxLayoutGlobalItems.rar (16.3 KB)