Dhtmlxlayout errors

After over 60 hours of debugging I found that there are two errors which make using collapsed text once again useless:

  1. dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.body, ‘4H’);
    if you try to use anyother name to the left of the equal sign collapsed text will not work

  2. if you put var infront of the dhxLayout collapsed text will not work

This of course says that you can only have collapsed text on one cell (panel?) of a layout.
This makes collapsed text once again useless.

In my application the header text is not known until the user asks for a student.
The Header text is the student number and name.
It is impossible to make a gif for every student name.

I looked at the two answers to using text and they both were useless in that any text over 7 or 8 characters rendered a blank collapsed text.

After a couple of hours I discovered how to make collapsed text work for any sized text.

The javascript statement is:


(8888-88) Some Student

You need two DIVs. The text in the second div (class of layrot) is rotated inside the first div (class of layprnt).

The styles for the two classes are listed here:

.layprnt { position: relative; height: 300px; width: 12px; overflow: hidden; } .layrot { position: absolute; top:225px; text-align:right; font-weight:bold; color:black; width:250px; padding:5px; position: absolute; transform: rotate(-90deg); transform-origin:5% 77%; -ms-transform: rotate(-90deg); /* IE 9 */ -ms-transform-origin:5% 77%; /* IE 9 */ -webkit-transform: rotate(-90deg); /* Safari and Chrome */ -webkit-transform-origin:5% 77%; /* Safari and Chrome */ -moz-transform: rotate(-90deg); /* Firefox */ -moz-transform-origin:5% 77%; /* Firefox */ -o-transform: rotate(-90deg); /* Opera */ -o-transform-origin:5% 77%; /* Opera */ }

The code will NOT work for Internet Explorer for IE 8 or less.

If you need a text string greater than 250 pixels, then the origin 5% and 77% must be changed.

However, this whole point is moot because it can only be used for a layout named dhxLayout!!

Sure hope somebody in the Black Forest will fix this.

Happy Computing

Coukd you provide us an image with expecting result?