dhtmlxLayout grid disappears

When attaching a grid to a DHTMLXLayout cell, the Grid contents disappear when minimizing the layout cell. Not when the cell is collapsed, but when dragged to the bottom of the window and then dragged back up. I am not using the DHTMLXWindow component, just the Layout component. Refreshing the grid using grid.load() does not populate the grid.

Any suggestions???

Is grid attached directly to the cell ( cell.attachGrid ) or placed inside some custom html element, which are loaded in the cell?

Also, be sure that you are not using any auto-width or auto-height methods against the grid in the cell.

Grid is attached to a Tabbar cell in layout.
I have checked that all auto Height/Width is not enabled in the grid.
Still have the issue.
Think the problem is in the Tab as it only clears the current active tab when resizing the layout cell.
Hope this helps.


try to use the dhtmlxcontainer.js that is attached here:


Probably it’ll solve the problem with grid disappearing

Tried it, but with same result.
I will keep testing.

If the problem still occurs, please provide the complete demoto recreate the problem.

Please supply me with a proper email address to send a link for a demo of the problem
Thank you.

You may attach the demo directly here (the sample would be better than link for it).

Here is a snippet of working code.
Note the comment lines regarding the Disappearing Grid…
I am using IE 8 Browser


html, body { background-color: #E7F4FF; width: 100%; height: 100%; margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px; padding:0px; overflow: hidden; }
///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Hope this explains the issue ??? Regards,

We’ve managed to reproduce and fix the problem. What grid version do you use ?
It seems that you need the PRO version. To get it please create tickect on support.dhtmlx.com/ or send the email to support at dhtmlx.com