dhtmlxLayout header text style


In dhtmlxLayout how can i change the header text to be aligned to the right?
And also is it possible to change the arrow to the left side instead of being in the right side?



the rtl will be implemented in the next version (we plan to release it in the end of this month). If you need the solution ASAP, let me know.

Hi Alexandra ,

Thanks for your help ,

I do need the rtl solutuin ASAP , please advice…

Thanks so much.

We’ve modified current dhtmlxlayout_dhx_skyblue.css in order to align labels to the right and buttons to the left - attached.
dhtmlxlayout_dhx_skyblue.zip (2.58 KB)


Works Great!!! thank you so much!!

Is there an rtl solution for the header of dhtmlxWindow?

RTL will be available in 2.6 version. Currently there isn’t such a solution