dhtmlxLayout in combination with asp scheduler?


I tried to include the ASP.NET Scheduler in a cell of the dhtmlxLayout component. However I don’t know how to get the size of the scheduler component adjusted to the current cell size (when resizing)

What I did: dhxLayout.cells(“a”).attachObject(“schedulerObj”);
which referred to a

with the ASP.NET scheduler in it.

First I used a code which I found in the samples, thatresizes the scheduler each time the window resizes, but this doesn’t help when I rearrange/resize the dhtmlxLayout itself. When I only set an initial height, the automatic resize doesn’t work correct (often nothing happens or the scheduler is far to small/wide…)

is there a way how to get it work?

You can try to add the code like next

layout.attachEvent(""onResizeFinish", function(){  scheduler.update_view(); });

thanks, you saved my day!!! it works :slight_smile: