dhtmlxLayout inactive spliter modification

Hi there,

i have web application with dhtmlxlayout compnent, however i need to change something in order to make the page looks better.

Here it is:

When i have the cells collapsed the horizontal or vertical spliter between the cells becomes inactive. I want to modify the dhtmlxlayout.js so when i collapse some cell the inactive header to be with size 0px so the uncollapsed cell has a little bigger height and witdth replacing the space taken by the splitter.

10x in advance.


Try to finf the answer here:

10x for the reply but i didn’t find the answer there because my question is not the same.

what i want is to hide the SPLITTER between the cells when it is in collapsed mode because even if i set the width and height to zero there is still some little space (the splitter) when i collapse some cell.

DHTMLX do not support such possibility.