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I have a layout design “2U”, and inside it (in cell ‘b’) i added one more layout design 1C and inside 1C , i added a GRID.

issue here is, when i hide cell ‘a’ of 2U, then cell ‘b’ takes complete available space but inside cell ‘b’ layout (1C) don’t expands and it leaves blank space .

Can you please suggest me how inside Layout of a cell can also take width as in percentage.

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>> inside cell ‘b’ layout (1C) don’t expands and it leaves blank space
All works fine on our side,  here is a demo.

>> how inside Layout of a cell can also take width as in percentage
Unfortunately layout’s size could not be set in percent.

demo.zip (208 KB)

Thanks for your response, it working…!!

But in my case things are as below:

I have Layout in File “A.html” code of A.html is

    var wrapperLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(“workspace_wrapper”, “2U”);
    var menuCell = wrapperLayout.cells(“a”)
    menuCell.setText(" “);
    var menuAccordian = menuCell.attachAccordion()
    var workspaceCell = wrapperLayout.cells(“b”)
    menu.fillAccordian(menuAccordian, workspaceCell)
  var status = wrapperLayout.attachStatusBar();
As you can see in Layout “2U”, inside cell ‘a’ i am filling with Accordian
and inside each Accoridan i have filled with “href” using javascript,
in each “href” link iam calling a “B.html” on onClick.

B.html code is as below:

    var workspaceLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(“workspace”, “2E”);
    var masterCell = workspaceLayout.cells(“a”)
    var detailCell = workspaceLayout.cells(“b”)
//masterCell.setText(” “);
//detailCell.setText(” ");
workspaceLayout.setEffect(“resize”, true);
workspaceLayout.setEffect(“collapse”, true);
 var masterGrid = masterCell.attachGrid();
 var detailGrid = detailCell.attachGrid();
in “B.html” file Layout is ‘2E’, and in this Layout cell a i have attached a GRID.

Issue is:

When i collapse cell ‘a’ of A.html , cell ‘b’ expandes 100% - this is correct.
but, as you can see inside cell ‘b’, we are calling another html file (B.html- this is having div -100%, layout and Grid), in this file alyout doesn’t expandes to 100%.

Please let me know if is there any fix for it.


It’s clear now, this happens because layout attached to object does not fill to size of object if last was changed.
Try to use fullscreened-init for cell “b”. Here is a demo.

demo.zip (1.07 KB)

Thanks, :slight_smile:

it’s working…!!