Dhtmlxlayout inside iframe hangs w/long running script error

The dhtmlxlayout seems to cause a long running script error. The browser shows a message to stop or continue script but never does. You can see this on that page.

This does not happen without the iframe as shown on this page.


I think that this might be a serious bug that needs to be fixed for dhtmlxlayout. I have tested this on Internet Explorer 9 (Windows) and on Safari 5.0.3 (Mac OSX) . Internet explorer does not show a message and looks like the page loaded but it hangs. Safari show the message “slow running script”. The dhtmlxlayout is from version 3.

The issue doesn’t repeat locally. We didn’t receive similar complaints from users earlier.
I will show you work of our layout in the attached demo.
url.rar (39.7 KB)

You say this doesn’t repeat locally. Did you go to the site? Did you open it in Safari 5.0.3 or in Internet Explorer 9?

Yes, i tryed it…

Why didn’t you dounload my attaches to see a ready sample without any problems?
There is a ready online sample:
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … 5_url.html

Clean layout hasn’t any load problems. Such delay can make just attached url content.

If you are still thinking, that it is a layout’s problems - make and attach a completed demo to reproduce it.