dhtmlxLayout - Interact with dhtmlxTree

I would like to post some simple data onto a layout cell from an attached xTree in another layout cell. I’m using “3L” cells layout and would like to display the data in 1 of the layout cell whenever I clcik on a tree item. I have already coded the getting of from xml thru my xTree. How would I go about doing the display part?

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Layout provides the attachObject method. It allows to attach html object to layout cell.

The sample is dhtmlxLayout/samples/conf/attach_object.html ( dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxL … bject.html )

You can attach the common container to the necessary cell, and then add new elements into this container.

I have read about the cells(b).attachObj(Obj), but how may I dynamically update the target cell with the correct whenever I clcik on a xTree item?

There can be different ways. For example, one of them is:



function onNodeSelect(nodeId){
document.getElementById(“objId”).innerHTML = “datetime=”+dhxTree.getUserData(nodeId, “datetime”)) ;