dhtmlxLayout onResizeFinish Resize Failure

Below Is A Simple dhtmlxLayout Setup.

1st off in FireFox there is an odd white psace bar at the far right.

When I max the Browser Or Drag the whole Browser size larger this works great.

But whenI make the entire Browser Window smaller or sufficeintly drag the window enough odd things begin to happen.

In I.E.6 It deforms the windows.

In FireFox the bottom disappears below the Browser bottom and cannot be easily retrieved. And never resizes to correct afterwards.

Can you please point me to your previous documentation on this? And what workarounds I might need to stop this odd behavoir?

Show Odd Window Resize Using A Layout Frame

Thanks! Larry

  1. Add the following style to fix empty space on the right side:

        html,body {
            width: 100%;
            height: 100%;
            margin: 0px;
            overflow: hidden;

    2. It seems you make window too little that brokes layout’s behavior.
    Will improved in future release.

That helps a lot but oinly in FireFox. I note that the behavior is still iffy in I.E.

Also please note that if you expand and then collapse Window “D” - even in FireFox - the correction is not complete. “D” disappears off the bottom again anyway.

I hope your coming fix will include these scenarios.

Thanks – Larry

Please try this dhtmlxlayout.js edition.

dhtmlxlayout.zip (16.9 KB)