dhtmlxLayout resize problem

Hello. I have last problem, that divides me from completing my project.
dhtmlxLayout component has incorrect resize behavior in IE6.
I created my layout based on fullscreen demo. My layout has following structure:

parent layout contains 3 cells. cells b and c attached with two 3E layouts. and left one of them has b cell attached with 2U layout (last sketch displays entire layout).
The problem occurs when IE window are resized from bigger size to less. See screenshots.
before resize:

after resize:


the problem is confirmed. We’ll send the fix when it is ready.

excuse me, but couldn’t you tell me, when could we expect that event? my direction waits for some decision… so i must understand, should i look for some other solution or may be you’re going to fix the existing one for some acceptable period (in few days or maybe a week)?


unfortunately, we will have possibility to research the problem and fix it next week.

We’ll inform you about the issue in a week.


please try to use libraries from the attached demo. The issue was not reproduced with them.
demo.zip (51.2 KB)

it works!
thank you, guys, you are the best!